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Shape and Depth Studyguide

  1. 1. ____________________________ sculpted Reclining Figure, an organic shaped object that resembles a person laying on their back. (last name only)
  2. 3. The _________________________is the part of the picture that is closest to the viewer.
  3. 5. ____________________________ is placing one object in front of another to make the object on top look closer to the viewer.
  4. 7. ____________________________ shapes are natural shapes that do not require measurements.
  5. 10. ____________________________ shapes are man-made shapes, and can require a formula to create them.
  6. 11. Shape is an enclosed space having only ______________ dimensions.
  7. 12. Objects in the foreground look bigger, are closer to the _____________________ of the page, and overlap everything else in the picture.
  1. 1. The ________________________________is in between the foreground and the background.
  2. 2. __________________are three-dimensional and enclose volume.
  3. 4. The ____________________________is the part of the picture that is farthest away from the viewer.
  4. 6. The ________________________________ is the line that separates the ground from the sky.
  5. 8. When objects are farther away they appear ____________________ with less details.
  6. 9. ____________________________ painted Three Musicians, a painting that uses shapes to show three people playing musical instruments. (last name only)
  7. 13. ________________________________ painted Reverie, an Art Nouveau painting of a woman with organic shapes like flowers and vines surrounding her realistic face. (last name only)