Shelter-In-Place Crossword

  1. 1. This is not a good room for sheltering-in-place because the polluted air may be heavy and sink down to this place.
  2. 4. You should wait for an ________ notification before removing plastic from your windows when you shelter-in-place.
  3. 7. This can be kept in your shelter-in-place kit and used to cut supplies that are used to cover your windows and doors
  4. 9. Turn off your _______when you shelter-in-place so that bad air does not enter your home through your vents.
  5. 10. Turn your ventilation system _______ when sheltering in place
  6. 11. Stay off of the ____ to keep lines clear for emergency personnel
  1. 1. You should have extra ones of these to power your flashlight
  2. 2. You should use this to cover windows and doors to keep bad air out.
  3. 3. When the power goes off you use a ________
  4. 5. In case of a _____ release, you may have to shelter-in-place.
  5. 6. Listen to your ____ to find out important information about the situation
  6. 8. What tells you to shelter-in-place?