Shoot the J, shoot it!

  1. 6. Formal name for "hoop" polymers
  2. 7. Primary metal used in almost all catalysts for click chemistry
  3. 8. Probably the most popular Bay Area slang
  4. 9. Colorway that drops April 1 (if you were listening yesterday)
  5. 11. Application of "hoops" to selectively detect specific analytes
  6. 12. Type of chemistry used to make "hoop" polymers
  7. 14. Unsaturated component required for click chemistry
  8. 17. Describes the structures of the polymer (linear vs branched)
  9. 18. Team with the best record in the NBA #DubNation
  10. 20. Type of chemistry we worked with involving TEOS
  11. 21. Highly branched structure from the Greek word for "trees"
  12. 22. Porphyrin unit that carries iron in red blood cells
  13. 24. City with the largest population of Vietnamese people outside of Vietnam
  14. 25. Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, that's boy up to something
  1. 1. Click chemistry is highly ______ in terms of yield
  2. 2. Type of chemistry more focused on macroscopic "structural" properties
  3. 3. ____ is life (definitely related to hoops)
  4. 4. Term used for modeling structures and functions after biological systems
  5. 5. Hockey team that's way better than the garbage LA kings
  6. 7. Arms built and then attached to the central core
  7. 10. Nissan sports car that competed with Prelude and Celica
  8. 13. Type of NMR spectroscopy mainly used to characterize hoop polymers
  9. 15. Core built first and then growing "outward" from the central core
  10. 16. Science field superior to all chemistry fields (we have a handful of these kids in our class)
  11. 19. Linear anion component required for click chemistry
  12. 23. Mascot name for San Jose State University