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Silent letters

  1. 2. If you are not sure of something you feel.....
  2. 3. You might need one if you sneeze
  3. 5. In charge of our country
  4. 6. If you are scared of something you might find it very........
  5. 8. If you are sure you are going to come to the party then you might say you are ..............coming. dictionary/ A book to help you find the meaning of words
  6. 10. If you practise a lot you can do something ..........
  7. 12. I watch my favourite programme on the ........
  8. 14. A piece of furniture to store things in
  9. 16. The opposite of same
  10. 18. A sweet berry
  1. 1. Woman carry these around with them
  2. 4. We recycle to look after the........
  3. 7. The third day in a week
  4. 9. The second month in a year
  5. 11. By the side of the road to give you directions
  6. 13. The first month of the year
  7. 15. Where you might go to find a book
  8. 17. The home of kings and queens