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Silent Letters

  1. 1. this means to have power over a land, like a king or queen.
  2. 4. Not part, but the ______ thing.
  3. 6. Decide to leave your job.
  4. 11. This is what your teeth do on a bone.
  5. 12. A sport where men fight each other in a ring, but without punching.
  6. 14. The opposite of right.
  7. 15. I want to know _____ coat this is.
  8. 16. A circle of greenery hung on the door at Christmas.
  1. 2. A funny little statue of a man in a red hat found in people's gardens.
  2. 3. Ideas about how things should look, or inventions should work.
  3. 4. Question word meaning which person.
  4. 5. A line on your face - the older you are, the more you have.
  5. 7. A placard that shows you information, or maybe which way to go.
  6. 8. If you _____ your teeth, you grind them together as if you are biting something.
  7. 9. The bit where your hand meets your arm.
  8. 10. Something or someone who does not come from your country, but a different one.
  9. 13. What you do with a pen on paper.
  10. 15. What you do to presents (using paper and sticky tape).