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Silvia's crossword

  1. 1. physically measured
  2. 2. can flag for allegies or possible medical interactions
  3. 5. this section contains information about the patient's smoking, alcohol use and occupation.
  4. 8. their files are owned and managed by providers or facilities.
  5. 11. allow for electronic claims to insurance companies
  6. 13. It's part of the Patient Medical Records
  7. 14. it's a helpful function of the EHR program when reviewing the financial health of the practice.
  8. 17. Submits orders to lab
  9. 18. Sends an alert for follow-up care
  10. 20. subjective
  11. 21. the impression of the patient's problemthat leads to diagnosis
  12. 22. make a point
  1. 1. type of of medical record which is arranged according to who supply the data
  2. 3. this type of medical record documentation takes the SOAP format further, breaking it down into smaller components.
  3. 4. is basically an electronic version of the comprehensive medical history and it's maintained by the patient.
  4. 6. this is made when an error or omission is found in an electronic record as soon as possible.
  5. 7. It is important in writing medical Records
  6. 9. the purpose is to provide evidence in the medical record of an appropriate care.
  7. 10. the treatment plan to correct the illness or problem
  8. 12. all entries in patient records must be dated to show the order in which they are made.
  9. 15. subjective
  10. 16. Make an appointment or pay a bill
  11. 17. they can be used to limit a person's access to medical records based on her/his job descriptions.
  12. 19. patient medical record created and stored on a computer or other electronic storage device