Sing, Unburied, Sing

  1. 2. who Leonie has lost and who kayla loves
  2. 7. what the policeman found in Jojo's pocket
  3. 9. what Leonie, Jojo, and Kayla can see
  4. 11. this is the name that Richie refers to Pop as
  5. 12. what Leonie has in the car which draws attention to the way she treats her family
  6. 14. the action that Kayla is constantly doing whilst on the way to Parchaman
  7. 15. what Leonie prefers to call her daughter
  8. 16. the second ingredient that Micheal gives Leonie
  9. 18. how Leonie feels when Mam asked her if she truley wanted kids
  10. 19. the name of Micheal's lawyer
  1. 1. this is where Jojo and Kayla sleep while at home
  2. 3. what Leonie uses to make a concoction for Kayla to feel better
  3. 4. what Micheals father is called
  4. 5. where Micheal gets picked up from
  5. 6. one of the ingredients that Micheal gives to Leonie
  6. 8. what Pop is compared to Big Josheph
  7. 10. the lady who traveled in the car to Parchman alongside Leonie
  8. 12. this is what Leonie swalowed when they got stopped by the police
  9. 13. the family member that is nearing death
  10. 17. the family member that Jojo cares the most for