1. 3. Only Egyptian to win the nobel prize in chemistry
  2. 4. Country which has 6 nobel laureates in the field of chemistry
  3. 5. Dan Shechtman discovered
  4. 8. Discovered heavy hydrogen
  5. 9. An Indian born nobel laureate won the award for studies of
  6. 11. Won nobel prize for work on synthesis of ammonia
  7. 12. Developed the crystallographic electron microscopy and received the nobel prize in 1982
  8. 13. Nobel prize of 2021 is declared for the work on development of asymmetric
  9. 14. In 1976, nobel prize in chemistry was awarded for studies on structure of
  1. 1. A biochemist who worked on CRISPR gene editing and was awarded the nobel prize for the same
  2. 2. Harold W.kroto & Richard E.Smalley discovered
  3. 6. Discovered the chemistry of transuranium elements and an element is named after him
  4. 7. The oldest living nobel laureate was awarded the nobel for discovery of which batteries
  5. 10. 1st Asian country to win nobel prize in chemistry