1. 2. A player who works mainly in the defensive third of the field. They are primarily focused on stopping the opposition’s attackers from scoring.
  2. 5. A move in which a player runs with the ball at his feet past one or more defenders, usually in a twisting run.
  3. 7. When a player kicks the ball in mid-air backwards and over their own head, usually making contact above waist level.
  4. 8. A direct free kick that is awarded when the defending team puts the ball over the end line. A corner kick is taken by the offensive team from next to the corner flag.
  5. 11. Generally the same as a forward, though it sometimes refers to a forward that is the team’s primary scoring threat.
  6. 13. The person in charge. His/ Her decisions on the field are final. He/she starts the game and, is also the official timekeeper.
  7. 14. When the ball is struck in the air by the foot of any player before it hits the ground.
  1. 1. Also known as a caution, a yellow card is shown by the referee to any player who commits a foul or infringement that is not within the rules of the game.
  2. 3. A player generally positioned in the middle third of the field between the forwards and defenders. Their job is to link the defense and the offense through ball control and passing. They play both an attacking role and a defensive role.
  3. 4. The player positioned directly in front of the goal who tries to prevent shots from crossing the goal line; the only player allowed to use their hands and arms, though only within the 18-yard penalty area.
  4. 6. Awarded to a team as the result of a foul by an opposing player and from which a goal can be scored directly, without the ball being touched by another player.
  5. 9. A referee shows a player a red card to signal that the player has been banned from the rest of the match. A red card can be shown for a single serious offense or as the result of being shown a second yellow card in the same game.
  6. 10. When a player passes or shoots the ball with his head.
  7. 12. The act of taking the ball away from a player by kicking or stopping it with one's feet.