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  1. 2. playing surface for the game
  2. 4. Goal scorers
  3. 7. Offensive team player gets closer to opposing team goal than ball and last defender
  4. 10. Prevents the other team from scoring
  5. 12. Defender; outfield player who prevents the opposing team from scoring
  6. 13. awarded to defending Team when ball goes out of field without scoring
  7. 14. what you do to start the play when the ball went off the field without scoring
  8. 19. Awarded when the ball last touched member of opposing team before entire ball can get beyond touchline
  1. 1. can only ever be done by the goalie
  2. 3. External attachement to shoe to provide extra traction
  3. 5. official who watches the game to ensure that rules are followed
  4. 6. Area around the goal
  5. 8. used to caution players during game
  6. 9. Single shot at goal defended only by goalie
  7. 11. Defender meets opponet with ball, engages and legally takes the ball with foot
  8. 15. used to signal dismissal from field
  9. 16. Team that wins coin toss at beginning of game does this
  10. 17. where one team prevents the other from scoring any points
  11. 18. Restarting play, only defended by goalie