1. 3. What you play on
  2. 6. The players on the team who try to shoot the ball in the goal
  3. 10. A circular shape that usually has black and white hexagons
  4. 12. The players on the team that are defense and offense
  5. 14. What you wear under your socks to protect your shins
  1. 1. Where you try and shoot the ball
  2. 2. What you wear when your at a game
  3. 4. The players on the team who try to keep the other team from shooting
  4. 5. The other players on your team that you play with
  5. 7. Where you go some days out of the week to work on your skills
  6. 8. What you wear on your feet and can be all different colors
  7. 9. The player who tries to stop the ball from going in the goal
  8. 11. When the ball goes out of the line
  9. 13. When you throw the ball down the line to one of your teammates on the field