1. 6. object of the game
  2. 7. the only player to use their hands while the ball is in play
  3. 10. stops attacks during the game and also assists the goalkeeper
  4. 12. players who play both offense and defense
  5. 14. moving the ball towards the goal with your shoelaces
  6. 17. after a goal is scored, the ball is returned to where
  1. 1. another work for goalkeeper
  2. 2. tripping another player
  3. 3. used when the ball goes out of bounds over the end line
  4. 4. stopping the ball with foot, legs, thigh, or chest
  5. 5. players who are most responsible for scoring goals
  6. 8. kick on the top of foot from a drop of the hands
  7. 9. how much is a goal worth
  8. 11. moving the ball to another player on your team
  9. 13. advancing the ball by controlling the ball with the top of the foot
  10. 15. used to put the ball back in play after going out of bounds on the sideline
  11. 16. the team with the most goals scored