1. 4. a ball touched by the arms or hands of a player
  2. 5. an action used to get the ball back in play after out of bounds over the sideline
  3. 8. goes back and forth on the field helping the defenders and the forwards
  4. 9. moving the ball up the field with short and quick steps with the insides and/or outsides of the feet
  5. 10. protects the goal and stops the ball from going into the net
  6. 11. a way for the defenders or goalie to put the ball back into play after it crosses the goal line
  7. 12. helps out the goalie from not being shot at
  1. 1. scores goals
  2. 2. to kick and move the ball forward to a teammate
  3. 3. kicking the ball towards the goal trying to score
  4. 6. directing the ball with any part of the forehead
  5. 7. start of play at the beginning of a game, or after a goal