1. 2. the object of soccer is to kick the ball into this
  2. 3. the area in which a goalkeeper can touch the ball with his or her hands
  3. 5. it is used to indicate what team a player is on
  4. 7. the longest side of a soccer field
  5. 11. the line on the field where each goal is located
  6. 12. it shows if the soccer ball has been kicked into the goal or not
  7. 13. soccer players often wear this to stay cool while playing
  8. 14. a player who can touch the ball with his or her hands
  9. 16. a position that keeps a player near the halfway line
  1. 1. it designates the edges of a soccer field.
  2. 4. a circle with a radius of ten-yards at the middle of the field
  3. 6. the area where a goal kick is taken from
  4. 8. it protects a soccer player's feet
  5. 9. a player who is stationed near the touchline
  6. 10. an outfield player who prevents the opposing team from scoring
  7. 15. the field on which soccer is played