1. 3. What is my favorite soccer team
  2. 6. What is the first word of the most popular league
  3. 8. what is the fist word to the most competitive league
  4. 10. Is soccer the mostpopular sport in the world (worldwide not U.S.A.)
  5. 11. What is USA soccer teams name
  6. 13. Who is at the bottom of the EPL
  7. 14. how many minutes are in a professional soccer game
  1. 1. how many players are on the field at once
  2. 2. Who won the world cup 3 years ago
  3. 4. who might be the best soccer player ever to live
  4. 5. Who is the best soccer player in the school
  5. 6. What soccer team did Messi move to
  6. 7. What team did ronoldo move to (there is a -as the 4th letter)
  7. 9. who is my favorite soccer player and best player on the U.S. right now
  8. 12. Has U.S.A ever made it to the world cup