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  1. 2. is where it is played
  2. 6. is where people come to support their team
  3. 7. He is the one who gives the orders
  4. 10. if a player does something that is not allowed, he is awarded a wild shot
  5. 11. they serve to better grasp the ball and that it does not hurt so much
  6. 13. He is the one who covers the goals
  7. 14. it is needed for play
  1. 1. is a shoe
  2. 2. they are the ones who make the goals
  3. 3. They are the ones who defend and attack and control the ball
  4. 4. it's exercise
  5. 5. is the one that prevents players from attacking
  6. 8. is what gives the points to win
  7. 9. is a sport
  8. 12. they are the ones who come to the games to support their team