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  1. 2. is the form to identify a player becasue the shirt has something no the name another thing
  2. 4. is where they play
  3. 6. Is the competition of messi he is a good soccer
  4. 8. is the thing that you us to play
  5. 9. are the people that are crazy of soccer
  6. 13. is what happen when you play soccer you do very
  7. 15. is where the stadium has in it
  8. 16. is the name of the title and is a sport
  1. 1. was made a mudial competicion
  2. 3. where it is a very popular sport the soccer and
  3. 5. is the name of one of the cups
  4. 7. with the paris soccer team
  5. 10. is the thing that you could the groups of player representing a country
  6. 11. is what the players do until a game to practice
  7. 12. is the thing we do to be in good condicions
  8. 14. One of the best player in the world that now