1. 1. What you run on inside
  2. 5. A player that some teams have as who directs the team if they're doing something wrong
  3. 6. You shoot the ball into a netted area called?
  4. 8. The position where you protect the goal
  5. 10. Black and white
  6. 13. The position where you play defense and offense and run a lot
  7. 17. The person that blows the whistle and has a yellow and red shirt
  8. 18. The position where you help the goalie protect the goal and get the ball up the field
  9. 19. What you run on outdoor
  10. 20. A warning for being rough
  1. 2. The spanish word for soccer
  2. 3. the whole area where you play in
  3. 4. The person who teaches the team
  4. 5. type of shoes for soccer
  5. 7. You get this when you've been too rough and you're forced to not play the rest of the game
  6. 9. When you break the rules in soccer the ref calls this
  7. 11. The position where you score
  8. 12. When the coach pulls you out so that other players have the chance to play you are_______
  9. 14. The most famous soccer player
  10. 15. What you wear at games
  11. 16. The ref calls this when you touch the ball with you hands