1. 3. a rules violation.
  2. 4. when the goal keeper stops the ball from going into the goal after a shot.
  3. 5. the pass that goes to the player who scores the goal.
  4. 7. the player positioned directly in front of the goal who can use their hands.
  5. 9. a ball kicked from teammate to teammate.
  6. 11. the teams best scoring forward.
  7. 12. hitting the ball with your head.
  8. 13. a skill performed to keep the ball in the air using any part of the body except the hands.
  9. 15. advancing the ball with your feet while running.
  1. 1. a kick awarded to a team after the opposing team commits a foul.
  2. 2. when the defending team kicks the ball out of the goal area.
  3. 3. a move by a player to deceive the opposing player.
  4. 6. the last line of defense before the goal keeper.
  5. 8. method of starting the game and re-setting after each goal is scored.
  6. 10. an attempt to kick the ball into the opponent's goal.
  7. 11. to legally take the ball from another player.
  8. 14. when the ball is kicked in the opponent's net.