1. 2. This player is very important on the field. He has to defend against the opponent.
  2. 6. It is the objective of all the players in soccer. Some players score a lot of this in one season.
  3. 7. This player plays forward on the field. He must beat the defenders and score goals.
  4. 8. It is a country who plays in Europe. They are the European champions, they won the Euro 2016. The flag of this country is red and green.
  5. 10. It is the principal object in soccer. The players use it during the game. We have to put this object in the goal.
  6. 12. It is a very important person in the team. He makes the decisions and decides who plays.
  7. 13. Pretty much everybody knows him. He is one of the best players in the world and he is playing for Real Madrid
  8. 15. Players shoot the ball in the field because the other team did a mistake and it is their punishment.
  9. 16. It is weared by everybody in the world. Soccer players put their sponsors on it.
  10. 17. All the players have it behind their shirt. They decide which one they want to have.
  11. 18. It is a game. It was created by the game company EA. It simulates a soccer game on console.
  1. 1. He does not make part of a team but is still on the field, he can give punishments to other players.
  2. 3. He makes part of the Montreal soccer team. He comes from the Ivory Coast and was born 11 March 1978.
  3. 4. It is the biggest soccer competition in the world. All the countries can play and try to win this competition.
  4. 5. It is a soccer team. The color of the team logo is blue. It is a soccer team who is representing montreal in a professional league.
  5. 6. It is the winner of the latest soccer world cup which happened in 2014.
  6. 7. They winned the first place at the olimpics. These olympics took place in 2016 and it is a female team.
  7. 9. He is a player on the field. This player has to stop the ball and protect the goal.
  8. 11. He is one of the best players in the history of soccer. He is small and he plays for FC Barcelona. The first letter of his last name is M.
  9. 14. It is a big place. Montreal owns one. The soccer games are played in this.