1. 2. Players who must control the middle of the field, Must support the offensive end and the defensive players
  2. 4. a free kick that can go directly into the net. It is awarded for serious infractions (tripping, holding, hand ball, pushing, etc.)
  3. 7. done when the defense kicks the ball over their own goal line
  4. 11. a penalty kick is awarded when a serious infraction is committed inside the penalty area
  5. 14. done when the ball is kicked over the goal line by the offensive team
  6. 15. a skill used to strike the ball using the upper half of the forehead
  1. 1. taken by the other team when the ball is kicked over the touch line
  2. 3. a free kick that must be touched by another player before the ball goes into the net. Awarded for less serious infractions ( off sides, dangerous play, etc.)
  3. 5. touching the ball with various parts of the foot with the purpose of maintaining possession and/or advancing the ball
  4. 6. Players who are more defensive minded. First priority is to defend the defensive 3rd of the field
  5. 8. The last line of defense. The only player who is allowed to use his/her hands on the playing field ( only in the penalty box)
  6. 9. players who are mor offesive minded
  7. 10. player attempts to control the ball by stopping it or changing its direction, Can be performed with and part of the body except the arms
  8. 12. taking the ball away from your opponent
  9. 13. using various parts of the body to move the ball to a teammate