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  1. 1. Rapping one leg behind the other and hitting the ball for a cross or shot
  2. 3. A pass/header that directly leads to a goal
  3. 4. Covers the centre of the field
  4. 8. To make a goal
  5. 10. Tends to score the goals
  6. 12. Tries to keep the other team from scoring
  7. 13. Uses head to pass the ball
  1. 2. Team that does have the ball
  2. 5. Team that do not posses the ball
  3. 6. AKA flip flag. The move is performed by hitting the ball with the outside of your foot then inside in one fluent motion as the foot snaps
  4. 7. To pass/chip the ball from the side of the pitch into the middle/other side of the pitch
  5. 9. To hold/kick the ball along yourself
  6. 10. The governing body of world soccer
  7. 11. Score