Sociology Review Game

  1. 3. A theory created by Emile Durkheim
  2. 5. Saying ¨ bless you ¨ when one sneezes is an example of a...
  3. 6. An act considered inappropriate or forbidden within that group or culture.
  4. 7. An idea a person holds to be true to them.
  5. 8. A theory that focuses on individual relationships in society.
  6. 11. A belief that your culture is way better then others.
  7. 13. A culture that should be understood on their terms.
  8. 14. Traits that are undesirable or desirable to an individual in society.
  1. 1. Similar to a norm, it is daily etiquette or a major event.
  2. 2. Culture Ideas, beliefs, attitudes, not physical towards society.
  3. 4. Which theory was invented by Karl Marx?
  4. 9. A culture of pop that includes movies, music, television, and more.
  5. 10. An element of right or wrong, widely observed within a particular society or culture.
  6. 12. Culture Physical objects, spaces, or objects people use to define their culture.