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Solar System

  1. 2. A burst of brilliant light from a black hole
  2. 3. Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars
  3. 6. the seventh planet from the sun
  4. 7. A lump of ice, rock, frozen gas, and dust that orbits the sun
  5. 8. The center of our solar system
  6. 10. The planet on which we live
  7. 12. Used to measure distance in space; equal to the distance light travels in one year
  8. 15. A cloud of dust and gas that becomes a star
  9. 16. A group of stars, gases, and dust held together by gravity and that travels through space
  10. 19. Curved path of a satellite around another body in space
  11. 20. Massive star that has collapsed and pulls everything in, even light.
  12. 21. The planet closest to the sun
  13. 23. Planet recently downgraded to a dwarf planet
  14. 24. Dark area on the sun that is cooler than its surroundings
  1. 1. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
  2. 4. Usually the eighth planet from the sun
  3. 5. A small meteroid that burns up in Earth’s atmosphere
  4. 8. The sixth planet from the sun
  5. 9. Our home in space
  6. 11. A ball of gases that gives off light and heat
  7. 13. The largest planet
  8. 14. Nicknamed the “red planet”
  9. 17. Between Mars and Jupiter, where most asteroids are found
  10. 18. The second planet from the sun
  11. 22. Groups of stars that form patterns in the sky