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Solar System

  1. 2. What is the name given to the full moon night
  2. 6. The word ‘planet’ has been derived from the word ‘planetai’ which is
  3. 8. Asteroids are found between the orbits of Jupiter and
  4. 12. The celestial bodies which do not have their own heat and light but are lit by the light of the stars are named as
  5. 15. What is the total number of planets in our solar system
  6. 16. apart from stars, planets, and satellites, there are numerous bodies which also move around the sun, what are these called
  7. 18. Meteoroids are made up of
  8. 19. Coldest planet in the Universe
  9. 20. The earth is called a blue planet because of the presence of
  10. 21. Which is the most recognisable constellation
  1. 1. The star which indicates the north is called
  2. 3. Why does the moon not have conditions favourable for life
  3. 4. Hottest planet in our Universe
  4. 5. What makes the universe
  5. 7. Shape of the earth
  6. 9. Sun is also a
  7. 10. What is called a cluster of millions of stars, shining white in the starry sky
  8. 11. Biggest planet in our Universe
  9. 13. Smallest planet in our Universe
  10. 14. Which of the following name is given to the new moon
  11. 17. All the planets move around the sun in a fixed elliptical path, these paths are called