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Solar System

  1. 1. Our solar system is part of this galaxy
  2. 2. Planet named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty
  3. 6. A planet with large rings around it that is sixth from the Sun.
  4. 8. The Blue planet
  5. 10. The Earth____ on its axis
  6. 13. Closest star to Earth
  7. 14. A single turn of something around an axis or a fixed point; spinning.
  8. 18. Now called a dwarf planet
  9. 19. A single journey along an orbital path. It takes Earth 365 1/4 days to do this around the sun.
  10. 20. Layer of gas that surrounds a planet
  11. 22. Distance traveled by light in a vacuum in one tropical year
  12. 23. The Earth is the ______ planet from the Sun
  1. 1. A small reddish planet that is fourth from the Sun; a terrestrial planet,
  2. 3. A large blue-green planet that is seventh from the Sun
  3. 4. must be round, orbit the sun, and have cleared the region of the solar system along its orbit
  4. 5. Covers 70 percent of the Earth's surface
  5. 7. Planet farthest from the sun
  6. 9. Force that keeps a planet moving in orbit
  7. 11. small bodies formed by rock and ice
  8. 12. Smaller bodies in orbit around the Sun
  9. 15. Caused by the Gravitational pull of the sun and moon on the Earth
  10. 16. Largest planet in the Solar System
  11. 17. Earth's only natural satellite
  12. 21. This means to revolve around another object. Our Moon does this to Earth.