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Solar System

  1. 2. The closest planet to the Sun, has no atmosphere
  2. 6. One of the four gas giants, mainly known for its Great Red Spot
  3. 7. Brief streaks of light created by the friction of a meteorite
  4. 8. Small, rocky bodies that orbit the Sun, mostly iregular shape
  5. 10. The largest star in the Solar System
  6. 12. A space object that has reaches Earth
  7. 13. One of the inner rocky planets, knonw for its sulfuric acid cloud
  8. 15. A icy space object that creates a tail called coma as it gets near the Sun
  9. 18. A moon phae just before the Full Moon
  10. 19. The second largest plaent in the Solar System, known for its amazing icy rings
  1. 1. One of the four gas giants, the furthest planet from the Sun
  2. 3. The side of the Moon that is not visible to the Earth
  3. 4. Large holes that are created due to mostly space impacts
  4. 5. Our natural satellite
  5. 7. The planet that is roughly half the size of Earth. Red coloured from oxide iron
  6. 9. A large space area where asteroids are being held together by Jupiter's gravity
  7. 11. The only planet that can foster life
  8. 14. One of the four gas giants, with a thick atmosphere out of helium, hydrogen and methane
  9. 16. The high and light areas of the Moon
  10. 17. The dark and shallow areas of the Moon