Solve this!

  1. 4. At the Euro 2020 press conference, Cristiano Ronaldo pushed aside 2 bottles of which famous carbonated drink to show his preference for “agua.”
  2. 5. This limbless reptile’s name coincides with that of a houseplant which has the ability to withstand drought!
  3. 6. The flint water crisis (2014-2019) became a public health crisis due to the contamination of water with which metal?
  1. 1. This term is used for Water saltier than freshwater but not as salty as the sea water.
  2. 2. This South American Country has the highest freshwater resources in the world.
  3. 3. This famous American star is the co-founder of, an organisation which provides aid to developing countries with no access to safe drinking water and sanitation.