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Sony Home Entertainment Crossword WK1

  1. 2. This character - licensed to SONY - has generated $6Billion at the Box Office since 2002
  2. 5. By having this technology, there’s no need to point the remote at the TV
  3. 6. Launched in 1994 and changed gaming forever
  4. 8. This feature can be found on the ZG9, ZH8 and ‘some’ of the XH95s
  5. 10. This technology uses a combination of speakers positioned around the bezel to create the impression that sound is coming from the screen.
  6. 14. With this technology you can pass-through high quality audio codecs from TV to soundbar without loss of sound quality.
  7. 15. This sound technology is supported on the X8500, ZF9 and the soon-to-launch G700
  8. 17. The speaker technology found on 55/65/75 XH95
  9. 18. These are integrated into the rear of the A8 and ZH8 for more dynamic, bass-heavy sound
  10. 21. Premium Sony TVs are enhanced for this specific moviegoing experience.
  11. 22. Sony’s colour correction technology, and our answer to QLED
  12. 24. The ‘R’ in Bravia stands for...
  13. 25. The Japanese word that means to move people emotionally, and is rooted in our brand philosophy
  14. 27. What does VA stand for in relation to panel tech?
  15. 30. The image processor found in the A8/A85 OLED
  16. 31. The name given to the top-end model series that carries BRAVIA's unique, high-quality image processor and panel control technology,
  17. 32. A reboot of a 1995 classic, this 2017 movie was highly successful and featured in FY19s TV demo content
  18. 33. This technology upscales non-4K content to reveal extra detail.
  19. 34. One of they key reasons to step up to XH90
  20. 35. A Premium 4K TV that comes with a built-in microphone
  21. 36. This feature uses technologies such as Acoustic Auto Calibration to reproduce the best sound that’s enhanced and optimised for your environment.
  22. 38. SOC stands for
  23. 39. One of the 3 features that X1 Ultimate Processor has, that the X1 HDR Processor does not.
  1. 1. The smartest of TV Operating systems
  2. 3. One of Sony’s key pillars for TV 2020
  3. 4. Use this feature built into Android TV to control devices connected to Google Home
  4. 7. This sound technology can be found on the XH95, A8, A85 & ZH8?
  5. 9. This Apple technology is supported on all FY20 Android TVs
  6. 11. The TV for those that want perfect blacks
  7. 12. The model name for Sony’s first ever OLED TV
  8. 13. Over 400 Million of these SONY devices have been sold
  9. 16. The first ever product Sony made.
  10. 19. There is a new tier of premium remote for FY20. What does this have that the remote below it does not?
  11. 20. All FY20 Android TVs will ship with this OS.
  12. 23. George Lucas said that this is 50% of the moviegoing experience
  13. 26. This sound technology has been present in BRAVIA OLED TVs since the A1
  14. 28. What does IPS stand for?
  15. 29. ... clarity.
  16. 37. Our little robot dog