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'SoulsRPG's Ultimate 2022 Trivia Crossword

  1. 2. SL's high-ranking elite are divided into these
  2. 7. Surname of the local messenger who is overly friendly, and often uses a satchel to carry their letters.
  3. 9. This pack was unique in that it made an island its home
  4. 10. SL-controlled area that is highly restricted, but is used for outside trade
  5. 12. DCG-controlled area that is open to visitors
  6. 15. NC's Off-board location
  7. 23. Children of SL must solve one of these upon coming-of-age
  8. 25. SL's resident --aliens-- cool-rocks expert
  9. 26. This pack suffered a coup resulting in the deaths of many iconic characters
  10. 27. CdC members of like-skillsets, interests, and trades may align under a
  11. 28. In this pack, obtaining a spirit guide was a unique part of its culture
  12. 29. Many of NC's names, titles, and Old Caledonia characters were inspired by what source of fiction
  13. 30. CdC's resident scowler and guard
  14. 34. The Court of Fangs are a group that prefer to live in a ____ lifestyle
  15. 35. In SL, a ____ is an extremely low-ranking individual who owes a sizable debt to another member or the pack as a whole
  16. 38. This pack was often viewed as "villains" in many pack relations due to its dark and shady tendencies and culture
  17. 42. CdC's Local pub/tavern
  18. 43. SL's Off-board location
  19. 44. Another name to refer to SL or its territory
  20. 45. CdC's ship often embarks across this body of water
  21. 46. These keep watch over DCG's border
  22. 50. This pack had a unique herd of livestock that were heavily involved in their culture and way of life
  23. 51. This pack was locally referred to as "The Clan"
  24. 52. This pack was founded by a mad king
  25. 53. DCG neighborhood in which members live in
  26. 55. CdC members use these items as a way to visually distinguish ranks at a glance
  27. 57. NC's residential and main social areas are localized within four
  28. 59. Presently, NC is unique in that its members may worship one of four
  29. 62. The Troupe ran its operation out of an establishment known as ____
  30. 65. The surname of this pack's founder became their way of life
  31. 66. This pack was prized for its Viking culture
  32. 69. NC's Local pub/tavern
  33. 70. This pack was born anew
  34. 71. Salsolans who venture beyond the borders often disguise their
  1. 1. DCG company of which members of like-skillsets, interests, and trades may be a part of
  2. 3. This group of Loners attempted to form a trade settlement in Mersey Cove
  3. 4. Members of NC's elite belong to one of two ____
  4. 5. This popular hangout was located in Amherst, and was the first Loner Band on the forum
  5. 6. This messenger cuts for an intimidating figure and is little of word
  6. 8. On a path of revenge, this group plotted an elaborate scheme that brought about the disbandment of Cour des Miracles
  7. 11. DCG's Off-board location
  8. 13. SL is often known for its intense need for ____
  9. 14. Ranks, titles, and other naming conventions in DCG are often done in this language
  10. 16. CdC ranks were originally done in this language
  11. 17. CdC is often associated with what color
  12. 18. This pack is often remembered for having a culture and rank structure more in line with "traditional" wolf/werewolf packs
  13. 19. This cult attacked multiple Luperci on 'Souls in an effort to spread their beliefs, set ablaze Krokar, and even had a splinter cell arise years later to attack New Caledonia
  14. 20. A place for weary travelers, Bete Noir's iconic landmark was known as the ____
  15. 21. DCG's lands are localized around this water source
  16. 22. In NC, ____ is a journey/adventure in which members may embark on to obtain an esteemed title
  17. 24. DCG's resident trickster
  18. 31. CdC-controlled area that is open to visitors
  19. 32. Livestock breed of SL
  20. 33. Name of SL's catacombs
  21. 36. NC's Sword Coast directly borders this major waterway
  22. 37. A coming-of-age ceremony that all CdC youths are forced to undertake
  23. 39. Livestock breed of DCG
  24. 40. This pack rose from ash and dust
  25. 41. CdC members who have been formally knighted and have taken their oath are part of an elite group known as the ____
  26. 47. CdC's culture is often considered to be heavily centered around
  27. 48. This pack had houses in which members were sorted into
  28. 49. SL's borders are often known for their many
  29. 54. NC members of like-skillsets, interests, and trades may come together to form a
  30. 56. NC's resident bard and teller of tales
  31. 58. This pack was known for its desire for sophistication and learning
  32. 60. This mythical animal acts as an unofficial symbol for various things within NC
  33. 61. DCG's catacombs
  34. 63. Alternative name for a member belonging to DCG
  35. 64. Members of DCG's high-ranking elite belong to this
  36. 67. Name of CdC's ship
  37. 68. When pursuing a Grand Quest in NC, members must accomplish several