1. 2. The path an object that is affected by gravity follows
  2. 8. Energy given off by light in the form of heat
  3. 9. Orbits the earth and controls the tides.
  4. 11. The force that pulls things towards eachother. A black hole is the strongest form of gravity.
  5. 14. The distance light travels in a year
  6. 15. A large mass of gravity, dust, and gas that eventually forms a star.
  7. 16. A dying star that will become a white dwarf
  8. 17. What becomes of a white dwarf as it slowly burns out.
  9. 18. Where we live
  10. 19. Consists of a star, and planets.
  1. 1. Our galaxy
  2. 3. Has a black hole at the center and is formed by solar systems.
  3. 4. A huge mass of gravity so strong that not even light can escape
  4. 5. the star at the center of our solar system
  5. 6. The whole expanse that we call space
  6. 7. What connects a blackhole to a whitehole
  7. 10. A dying star that will either become a planetary nebula or a black hole
  8. 12. What remains of a dead star
  9. 13. What orbits a star within a solar system
  10. 19. A large flaming ball of gas.