1. 1. To move easily through, or along the surface of a liquid, or through air
  2. 4. The group of people who operate a ship,train, or airplane
  3. 7. A journey for a particular purpose
  4. 9. A device used to operate or control a machine, a computer game, etc
  5. 10. station, An artificial satellite designed to stay in orbit permanently and to be occupied by humans
  6. 14. Supplies or tools needed for a special purpose
  7. 17. To break to pieces by an explosion
  8. 18. To walk inspace while outside, butusually attached to a spacecraft
  9. 19. A protective clothing worn by astronauts from the dangers of being outside in space
  10. 20. A group of people working together
  1. 2. A room between two areas that have different air pressure
  2. 3. Any means in or by which someone travels
  3. 5. To investigate, study or analyze
  4. 6. any instrument or simple piece of equipment that you hold in your handss and use to do a job
  5. 8. A carefully planned scientific test used to discover something unknown
  6. 11. down, Having the part that is usually at the top turned to be at the bottom
  7. 12. The part of the human body between the shoulder and the wrist
  8. 13. To go aboard
  9. 15. Ropes or chains with which something or someone is tied to restrict its movement
  10. 16. A vehicle that can carry people and cargo beyond the Earth's atmosphere