1. 1. is everything.
  2. 5. the planet that was a planet but now isn't.
  3. 7. an event in which a planet's subsolar point passes through its Equator.
  4. 8. a celestial body of gas that shines by radiation derived from its internal energy sources.
  5. 10. a luminous envelope of a star from which its light and heat radiate.
  6. 12. the planet with rings.
  7. 13. way: our solar system is in the ____.
  8. 15. the second planet from the sun.
  9. 17. the dusty cold dessert planet.
  10. 18. the blue planet.
  11. 23. a group of stars that create or form a pattern in the sky.
  1. 2. even bigger bluer planet.
  2. 3. the planet with the red dot.
  3. 4. a luminous envelope of plasma that surrounds the Sun and other celestial bodies. and expands millions of kilometers into space.
  4. 6. the smallest planet.
  5. 9. a satellite that orbits around the planet.
  6. 11. an astronomical event that occurs when an astronomical object or spacecraft is temporarily obscured.
  7. 14. a minor planet of the inner Solar System that is usually rock.
  8. 16. the only planet that has water and life.
  9. 19. an enormous cloud of dust.
  10. 20. a celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust.
  11. 21. a gravitationally bound system of stars.
  12. 22. the star in the center of our solar system.