1. 5. the US orbital navigation satellites
  2. 6. the first satellite to orbit the earth
  3. 7. the repurposed ICBM whose second version launched Gemini
  4. 9. the Russian space agency
  5. 11. the series of probes to use a once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment to do flybys of a ton of outer planets and leave the solar system
  6. 12. US probes that went to mercury, venus, mars, and that did first flybys and orbits of planets
  7. 13. soviet program to land on the moon, went from before the US did it to after apollo
  8. 14. russia's current manned capsule
  9. 15. the atlas used a stage and a ____ design
  10. 16. JFK's ____ speech, famous for declaring america will go to the moon before the 1960's end
  11. 17. the most recent US rover to land on mars's nickname
  12. 18. what did allan Shepard play on the moon?
  13. 19. the oldest satellite in orbit
  1. 1. intercontenital _________ missile
  2. 2. the rocket that launched the first US satellite
  3. 3. repurposed Saturn V third stage, first US space station
  4. 4. the US's program to return to the moon
  5. 5. the mars helicopter's nickname
  6. 6. first working rover, first wheeled rover, and first rover to not be attached to its lander
  7. 8. a type of rocket that does not enter orbit
  8. 10. Boeings still-being-tested capsule