1. 1. synonym of to orbit
  2. 3. unidentified flying object
  3. 5. the phase of the moon in which its whole disc is illuminated
  4. 9. to establish a colony
  5. 14. a theoretical passage through space creating a shortcut through time and space
  6. 17. a spaceship used to travel from Earth to space several times
  7. 20. an eclipse in which the moon appears darkened as it passes into the earth's shadow
  8. 22. when moon closes the sun
  9. 24. an equipment to operate in open space
  10. 27. a resident of another planet
  11. 28. a large artificial satellite used as a long-term base for manned operations in space
  12. 30. a small rocky body orbiting the sun
  13. 31. a celestial object consisting of a nucleus of ice and dust
  14. 33. a ship used to travel in space
  15. 34. an optical instrument used to watch stars
  1. 2. a professional who flies onto space for scientific or other strategical purposes
  2. 4. a group of stars, such as the Milky way
  3. 6. the phase of the moon when it first appears as a slender crescent, shortly after its conjunction with the sun
  4. 7. a satellite of the Earth
  5. 8. to set a ship or rocket into motion by pushing it
  6. 10. The Sun and other 8 planets as a system
  7. 11. a machine used to launch spaceships into space
  8. 12. synonym of to move around
  9. 13. a person who travels into space for fun
  10. 15. to move around a bigger object
  11. 16. huge, glowing balls of gases
  12. 18. a star in the centre of the solar system
  13. 19. to adjust a planet so that people could live there
  14. 21. Venus, Mercury, Jupiter in one word
  15. 23. the practice of travelling into space for recreational purposes
  16. 25. a space machine which operates without pilots
  17. 26. any flying object used to fly into space
  18. 29. a group of stars
  19. 32. an artificial body or object which orbits a bigger palnet