1. 4. ours has 8 planets and was formed around 4.6 billion years ago
  2. 6. The constant flow of particles streaming out of the sun's surface in all directions
  3. 7. Outermost layer of the sun
  4. 8. A layer of the sun that has a red cast to it
  5. 10. a cloud of dust, hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases
  6. 11. A region in space where gravity is so strong nothing can escape
  7. 13. Ursa Major and the Big Dipper are examples of one
  8. 16. An extremely powerful kind of flare
  9. 19. Objects we can see in the sky
  10. 20. When the Earth, sun, and moon are aligned with the moon in the middle
  11. 26. When the total hours of daylight equals the total hours of darkness
  12. 28. Any observable occurrence relating to astronomy
  13. 32. when a huge star explodes its called a...
  14. 35. Across a star's band of colour appears a series of dark lines
  15. 36. our closest one is called Centauri
  16. 37. Edwin Hubble was a famous one. He observed galaxies beyond the Milky Way
  17. 39. Mars, Jupiter, and Earth are examples of one
  18. 41. Uranus's is tilted causing it to look like it's rolling
  19. 42. Adhi Kot, Abee, and Arroyo Aguiar are examples of these
  20. 44. equals the average distance between the sun & the Earth
  21. 45. A region of the sun's surface that is cooler than the surrounding areas
  1. 1. Considered to be the boundary between the inside & outside of the sun
  2. 2. A star in it's first phase of formation
  3. 3. An eruption on the sun's surface that can cause electromagnetic disturbances on Earth
  4. 5. We have one in our galaxy between Mars and Jupiter
  5. 9. An optical instrument that separates light into its spectral colours
  6. 12. The universe formed when an infinitely dense point suddenly & rapidly expanded in a single moment
  7. 14. The Northern Lights
  8. 15. this is the cause of our seasons
  9. 17. Light is a form of energy that travels in waves, this kind of energy is also called...
  10. 18. The study of the universe & the objects in it
  11. 21. Our closest star is 4.37...
  12. 22. Andromeda is one and it is also a the name of a cinema
  13. 23. When the Earth, sun, and moon are aligned with the Earth in the middle
  14. 24. Sirius is part of one
  15. 25. Dec 21, Shortest day
  16. 27. Earth's is 149.60 million km
  17. 29. Is the rainbow band of colours into which light separates when it passes through a prism
  18. 30. June 21, Longest day
  19. 31. A celestial body that orbits a planet
  20. 33. Matter in the universe that is invisible
  21. 34. Gravitational forces that act on a mass are greatly reduced
  22. 38. Halley, Meyer, and kracht are some types of these
  23. 40. a large (often curved) bright stream of particles extending outward from the photosphere into the corona
  24. 43. Recognizable star patterns within a larger constellation are known as...