1. 4. What is the Milky Way
  2. 5. What planet is a beautiful pale blue colour
  3. 6. What is the galaxy Earth is part of
  4. 8. The star that is very, very, very hot
  5. 11. What happens to the moon when it turns black
  6. 13. What is the belt made up of asteroids between the planets Mars and Jupiter
  7. 14. What is Mickey Mouses dog called
  8. 15. What sort of rock can create natural disasters
  9. 16. What planet has rings that are visible
  10. 17. What is the third planet from the sun
  11. 19. What is the planet closest to the sun
  12. 20. What flies through the sky on a starry night
  1. 1. What is the type of planet that Pluto is
  2. 2. What planet's colour looks like sand
  3. 3. What does something go in and disappears forever
  4. 7. What is the disk-shaped region found in outer space past the orbit of Neptune
  5. 9. What planet looks like the colour of the sea
  6. 10. What is the planet that is also called a chocolate bar
  7. 12. What comes out almost everyday at night time
  8. 18. What is the biggest planet