1. 2. this is another name for the study of space
  2. 7. the lighter part of a shadow
  3. 9. a group of stars in the sky that make a picture
  4. 13. a device that uses radio waves to locate objects and determine their speeds
  5. 16. a meteoroid that does not completely burn up in the atmosphere and lands on Earth's surface
  6. 17. this planet is closet to the sun
  7. 18. a theatre that simulates space and the objects in space
  8. 21. the valleys on the surface of the moon
  9. 22. the path of an object in space around another object
  10. 23. the load carried by an aircraft or spacecraft
  1. 1. the air or gases surrounding a planet
  2. 3. the movement of one object around another object
  3. 4. in space, when there is so little gravity you feel weightless
  4. 5. an imaginary line extending through Earth from the North Pole to the South Pole around which Earth rotates
  5. 6. the vast plains on the moon covered with dark-coloured dust
  6. 8. height above ground level
  7. 10. scientists who study space
  8. 11. a large, bowl-shaped hole with a rim on the surface of a moon or planet caused by an impact
  9. 12. these are loose collections of rocks and frozen gases that orbit between the planets
  10. 14. the area around the edge of a crater basin
  11. 15. a very bright meteor
  12. 16. the streak of light in the night sky that results from a meteoroid entering Earth's atmosphere;a shooting star
  13. 19. a small rocky object orbiting the sun;most asteroids are found between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter
  14. 20. this body travels around Earth. It is known as Earth's satellite