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Spokes 2022 Day 9 Crossword

  1. 4. Their backpack feels like there is a couple bricks in it. But they're probably pineapples.
  2. 5. Most people don't like it when situations go this way. But we really enjoy going this way.
  3. 7. It's a sine that you need suncreen cos you've been in the sun for too long?
  4. 9. This is an adjective and name to describe a lot of our biking gear. I'm thinking of a very specific brand.
  5. 11. Finishes all the leftovers.
  6. 12. The first question this person asks our hosts is "Do you have a piano?"
  7. 14. ____ is for lovers!
  8. 15. A cooking spray and also a great host
  9. 16. Warning we often yell out loud while biking on a road shared with other vehicles.
  1. 1. The biggest fan of electrolytes.
  2. 2. An inferior version of a date. We have too many of these that no one wants to eat.
  3. 3. Has the most controversal food combinations.
  4. 6. They host us remotely and tell you all of our stories
  5. 8. This place in Kentucky is dangerous, but we will be heading there for a learning festival soon!
  6. 9. Our group's friendly neighborhood extrovert. Also loves plants!
  7. 10. We go through a bag of these everyday.
  8. 13. A route that is orthogonal to the AT (and abbreviated as the TA).