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  1. 3. a person in a particular kind of game
  2. 7. a skating … is a large area where people skate or play ice hockey
  3. 8. sportsmen hit the ball over it when they play tennis or volleyball
  4. 11. a vehicle with two wheels that sportsmen ride
  5. 13. you play tennis or badminton with it
  6. 14. a large round metal container with two handles given as a prize in a contest
  7. 15. an area where some sports are played, such as tennis or squash
  8. 18. a large hall where people go to do physical exercises
  9. 20. a large building usually without a roof where people watch sports events
  10. 21. a long thin stick with the help of which sportsmen can jump very high
  11. 22. a person whose job is to make sure that sportsmen obey the rules
  12. 23. a small flat round piece of metal given for showing best results in sports
  13. 25. a hard hat that sportsmen wear in some kinds of sport to protect their heads
  14. 28. an organized event where sportsmen try to show that they are better than others and get prizes
  15. 31. a long wooden object used for hitting the ball in games such as baseball and cricket
  16. 32. clothes of the same colour and fashion showing that sportsmen belong to the same club or country
  17. 34. a person who trains a sports player or a team
  1. 1. people who like watching sports very much
  2. 2. the players in a team game who try to prevent the other team from getting points
  3. 4. a group of teams who regularly play against one another and have similar skills
  4. 5. how do Americans call football played in Europe?
  5. 6. a large area used for sports such as football or grass hockey
  6. 7. the best achievement so far in a particular sport that sportsmen try to break
  7. 9. a group of people who play a sport or a game
  8. 10. a large flat surface that shows the points the sportsmen or teams get during a game or sports event
  9. 12. a person or a team that has won an important sports event
  10. 16. it describes what sportsmen can do and what they mustn't do
  11. 17. a person who is good at such sports as running, jumping, etc.
  12. 18. the structure that you try to get the ball into when you play football, water polo and some other games
  13. 19. a swimming … is a large structure filled with water
  14. 24. a hockey player holds it in his hands
  15. 26. a game between two teams of sportsmen
  16. 27. a piece of ground used for racing
  17. 29. a round flat piece of rubber that sportsmen hit in ice hockey
  18. 30. to jump into water making skilful movements in the air
  19. 33. you need it when you want to shoot an arrow