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Sport among us

  1. 1. A person who is in charge of a sports game and who makes certain that the rules are followed.
  2. 3. A large, flat surface, of ice or other hard material, for skating.
  3. 4. Someone whose job is to teach people to improve at a sport, skill, or school subject.
  4. 9. To control a group of people, a country, or a situation.
  5. 10. A person who is kind and gives emotional support to others.
  6. 11. Willing to give money, help, kindness.
  7. 13. Using force to hurt or attack.
  8. 14. A person who disagrees with something and speaks against it or tries to change it.
  9. 16. A player on the same team.
  10. 18. To be faster than someone or something.
  11. 19. Person who is not large in size or amount, or not expensive.
  1. 2. Someone who runs, especially in competitions.
  2. 3. Able to be happy, successful, etc. again after something difficult or bad has happened.
  3. 5. A person who is very good at sports or physical exercise, especially one who competes in organized events.
  4. 6. To appear by coming out of something or out from behind something.
  5. 7. The process of doing something, especially when dealing with a problem or difficulty.
  6. 8. Stupid or unreasonable and deserving to be laughed at.
  7. 12. Based on or believing in superstitions.
  8. 15. To try to be more successful than someone or something else.
  9. 17. To say that you will not do or accept something.