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Sports & Entertainment Marketing Part 1

  1. 3. this involves two or more companies working together in promoting a service or product in a way that benefits both companies
  2. 5. what percentage of videogame players are female
  3. 7. videogames have greater what value
  4. 9. what is the average age of a videogame player in the U.S.
  5. 13. video games hired historians to ensure the accuracy of its american revolutionary war setting
  6. 14. the video game industry is what the size of the music industry
  7. 15. in countries where digital piracy is what many games can be played online for free
  1. 1. videogames can be played on numerous what devices
  2. 2. allows multiple players to interact with each other while playing
  3. 4. what percentage of Americans over the age of 50 plays video games
  4. 5. has become the biggest entertainment launch of all time grossing $750 million in just 24 hours
  5. 6. this occurs when the makers of a videogame accept payment for putting brands and products in their games
  6. 8. what percentage of U.S. homes owns a videogame console
  7. 10. the amount for movie admissions is what the amount for video games
  8. 11. this occurs when a business sells a product that is related to or inspired by another product or service
  9. 12. this american actor was kicked off an American Airlines flight after he refused to turn off his cell phone at Los Angeles International Airport