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  1. 3. Large-scale movement of species from one environment to another
  2. 5. Significant date: 23rd of April
  3. 7. Significant date: 21th of March
  4. 9. Which band earned Record of the year at the 2004 Grammy's for Clocks
  5. 10. Combined mass of water found on, under, and above the surface of a planet
  6. 11. Location of GMT
  7. 12. Before Sunrise
  8. 16. Latin for moon
  9. 19. Cheltenham's 1920's cinema turned restaurant
  10. 20. Who composed The Four Seasons
  1. 1. Who voices Peter Rabbit in the 2018 animated feature film
  2. 2. How long is lent
  3. 4. Mercutio mocked Benvolio for falling out with his taylor before Easter in which of Shakespeare's plays
  4. 6. Which country leads the parade of nations at the opening of the Olympic games
  5. 8. Low body temperature, slow breathing and heart rate, and low metabolic rate
  6. 13. Wake me up before you go go, was a 1984 hit by which band
  7. 14. Famous for growing Tulips, Keukenhof is in which country
  8. 15. A small fiery particle thrown off from a fire, or produced by striking together two hard surfaces such as stone or metal
  9. 17. Which Magic Roundabout character had a spring for the lower part of his body
  10. 18. Terry Wogan's first name