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  1. 3. a herbaceous plant of the pea family
  2. 5. a plant with showy flowers, typically of purple or yellow, and sword-shaped leaves
  3. 6. a widely distributed weed of the daisy family, with a rosette of leaves and large bright yellow flowers followed by globular heads of seeds with downy tufts.
  4. 8. a bulbous spring-flowering plant of the lily family,
  5. 10. any of a number of other plants with blue bell-shaped flowers.
  6. 11. a bulbous European plant which bears drooping white flowers during the late winter.
  7. 13. a herbaceous plant or small shrub of a genus that comprises the cranesbills and their relatives.
  1. 1. blossoms a plant with complex flowers that are often showy or bizarrely shaped,
  2. 2. a herbaceous plant with showy flowers, milky sap, and rounded seed capsules
  3. 3. a plant of the daisy family with brightly coloured ornamental flowers, existing in many cultivated varieties.
  4. 4. a plant with complex flowers that are often showy or bizarrely shaped,
  5. 6. a bulbous European plant which typically bears bright yellow flowers with a long trumpet-shaped centre
  6. 7. a plant whose fruit induced a dreamy forgetfulness and an unwillingness to leave.
  7. 9. a bulbous plant with large trumpet-shaped, typically fragrant, flowers on a tall, slender stem.
  8. 11. a symbolic flower of the spring, a time of renewal, and the fleeting nature of life. T
  9. 12. a herbaceous or shrubby plant of north temperate regions, which has long been cultivated for its showy flowers.