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  1. 3. Spring festival in Christian countries, like Germany
  2. 7. Name for a person who goes to a festival or place he/she is not from
  3. 8. You have these celebrating spring all over the world!
  4. 11. You'll see these a lot in spring
  5. 13. The name of the Australian spring festival
  6. 14. The month in which spring ends in southern countries (e.g. Australia)
  1. 1. The first name of your English teacher
  2. 2. You can eat them a lot during spring!
  3. 4. The season right now
  4. 5. You can _________ a birthday, festival and many other things!
  5. 6. Spring festival in Peru
  6. 9. there's more of this in spring than in Winter!
  7. 10. Name of the spring festival celebrated in India
  8. 12. The country teacher Jesse is from
  9. 15. The month in which spring starts in northern countries (e.g. Taiwan)