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Spring crossword puzzle

  1. 2. ,Mr. whalen wrote the book on this and I’m sure he can’t wait to get on to the mountains to do this.
  2. 4. ,when winter is over you can expect the snow to ____.
  3. 6. ,a grassy field.
  4. 9. ,throughout the spring and climaxing in the summer, these are caused by the earth's tilt toward the sun.
  5. 10. ,an effect of light diffracting through water particles in the sky.
  6. 11. ,another name for a rainstorm.
  7. 15. ,These types of trees lie dormant all winter.
  8. 17. ,most people hate april because of one thing the government subjects us to during this month.
  9. 19. ,these make driving in the spring a hassl.
  10. 20. ,These pollute the air with sweet smells once the warm weather arrives.
  11. 21. ,many animals begin to have this during the springtime.
  12. 24. ,the birthstone of easter.
  13. 25. ,all the trees and flowers do this in the spring.
  1. 1. ,the season that starts at the vernal equinox.
  2. 3. ,people with immune system disorders suffer from these year round but it is most common in the spring.
  3. 5. ,many people can’t wait to run barefoot on this.
  4. 7. ,the day when spring officially begins, used to be celebrated by wickens.
  5. 8. ,this is carried around by bees.
  6. 12. ,the shifting temperatures and pressure differences causes these ____ days that are perfect for kits.
  7. 13. ,a side effect of the rains of spring that is harmful to your cars suspension.
  8. 14. ,An originally pagan holiday that was a celebration of rebirth and was then appropriated by the christian church.
  9. 16. snow ,we have experienced a lot of this recently due to colder climates going later into the spring season.
  10. 18. ,the melting snow causes lots of ___.
  11. 22. ,the main theme of easter.
  12. 23. ,“the ____ down in africa”