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Spring midterm

  1. 3. the structure a eukaryote has that a prokaryote doesn't have
  2. 7. the type of troph that all algae belong
  3. 8. structures used by bacteria for conjugation
  4. 11. This protozoan uses cilia to help them move
  5. 13. you might catch 50 of this type of virus in a lifetime, but never the same one twice
  6. 14. diease caused by yersinia pestis, bacteria is transmitted by the bite of a flea
  7. 15. generic name for single stage of fungi
  8. 18. The total number of kingdoms
  9. 20. belong to green algae family, lives in fresh water habitat
  10. 23. the cellular organization that prokaryote have and some protista
  11. 24. pseudomonas bacteria are use to clean up this toxic chemical from gold mining operations
  12. 25. place where photoautotroph get their energy
  13. 28. reproductive cell of fungi
  14. 29. a structure a virus has to trick a cell into letting it inside
  15. 30. clostridium botulinum kills by producing
  16. 32. type of asexual reproduction that yeast have
  17. 33. pigs and dogs hunt these underground mushrooms
  18. 34. loops of DNA found outside of a bacterium chromosome that codes for essential genes
  19. 36. the number of chromosomes that bacteria have
  20. 38. type of environment the halophilic archeabacterial live in
  1. 1. what a virus does from season to season to keep vaccine makers from guessing
  2. 2. type of bacteria that must have oxygen to live
  3. 4. organisms that decompose dead organisms
  4. 5. a characteristic of life that a virus does not have
  5. 6. a fungi-like protist that can exist as an aggregate (two words)
  6. 9. mycorrhizae are fungi associated with these
  7. 10. "root" like structure found in fungi made of hyphae
  8. 12. type of environment where lichens can't grow
  9. 16. the number of cells that result from bacterial binary fission
  10. 17. found in the cell walls of plants
  11. 19. type of environment that protist are found
  12. 21. a fungus and a photosynthetic partner make up this organism
  13. 22. components of fungi cell walls
  14. 26. This scientist isolated penicillin, the 1st antibiotic
  15. 27. type of heterotroph that ingests its food
  16. 31. Latin word meaning fungi
  17. 35. an example of protozoan that uses psuedopods to move and ingest food
  18. 37. parasitic fungus that attacks wheat crops