Spring Projects

  1. 3. Use this to seal your home's exterior
  2. 5. Change this air conditioner item every 60-90 days
  3. 8. Make your pathways brighter with these sun-powered items
  4. 9. Rent one of these containers for big spring cleaning jobs
  5. 11. Give your lawn mower some love with this service
  6. 13. These people would love to help if you need it (hint: abbr. for Trust Company of Okla.)
  1. 1. Be sure your smoke detectors are working by checking these
  2. 2. Clean these out before spring rains
  3. 4. Applying a pre-emergent will help rid these from your lawn
  4. 6. This dryer buildup can be dangerous and should be cleaned
  5. 7. Sharpening these could help your lawn mower cut more effectively
  6. 10. It's a good idea to check for damage and repair this covering
  7. 12. Clean these on your air conditioner and refrigerator