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  1. 3. An evergreen, perennial with pale yellow flowers. It grows up to 30cm high and can cover the ground in open woods and shaded hedgerows.
  2. 7. This flower is widely considered the symbol of spring.
  3. 8. A hive insect that collects pollen for honey.
  4. 10. A common amphibian found the world over.
  5. 12. Small, tree-dwelling rodents.
  6. 13. Small, long-tailed birds with a fondness for hemp, flax, and other seeds.
  7. 15. Long-legged, long-necked water bird, with a long, harpoon bill.
  8. 18. Carnivorous, semiaquatic marine animal, once subject to widespread hunting.
  9. 19. These small, short-tailed, and stubby-beaked birds often nest in buildings and are common in cities.
  1. 1. A small bird of open farmland and heath, famous for delivering long mating songs in mid-flight.
  2. 2. The stamen of these widely-distributed flowering plants are harvested for saffron.
  3. 4. This plant is native to Asia. It flowers in winter but flourishes in spring.
  4. 5. A swift, long-eared animal, usually shy but frenzied in spring.
  5. 6. This flower dominates the understorey of ancient forests.
  6. 9. This flower gives off a sweet scent, like white chocolate.
  7. 11. Small songbirds birds that live in well-wooded areas.
  8. 12. Small, linear-leaved plants with white flowers that thrive in wet soils. Their flowers herald the beginning of spring.
  9. 14. Small, furry, semiaquatic mammals related to weasels.
  10. 16. These popular flowers grow on shrubs and creepers, protected by thorns.
  11. 17. The birds of this species living in the UK are owned by the Queen.