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  1. 1. one of the four periods of the year; spring, summer, autumn, or winter
  2. 3. the season of the year between winter and summer
  3. 5. a living thing that grows in earth, in water, or on other plants, usually has a stem, leaves, roots, and flowers, and produces seeds
  4. 6. a small, red beetle that is round and has black spots
  5. 7. a low, green plant that grows naturally over a lot of the Earth's surface, having groups of very thin leaves that grow close together in large numbers
  6. 10. a yellow, bell-shaped flower with a long stem that is commonly seen in the spring
  7. 12. a large, open container for moving things in, which has a wheel at the front and two handles at the back, used especially in the garden
  8. 15. bright because of light from the sun
  9. 16. the fifth month of the year, after April and before June
  1. 2. a Christian religious holiday to celebrate Jesus Christ's return to life after he was killed
  2. 4. a plant-eating insect with long back legs that can jump very high and makes a sharp high noise using its back legs or wings
  3. 8. drops of water from clouds
  4. 9. a container for water with a handle and a long tube used for pouring water onto garden plants
  5. 10. a small flower with white petals and a yellow centre that often grows in grass
  6. 11. he part of a plant that is often brightly coloured and has a pleasant smell, or the type of plant that produces these
  7. 13. a type of insect with large, often brightly coloured wings
  8. 14. having or producing a comfortably high temperature, although not hot
  9. 15. a small, round, or oval object produced by a plant and from which, when it is planted, a new plant can grow